Robin Crest Drinking Water System

General Information

Testing Treated Inspected
Owner Name: Oro-Medonte, The Corporation Of The Township Of
Operating Authority: Oro-Medonte, The Corporation Of The Township Of
Drinking Water Category: Large Municipal Residential System
Population Served: 402
Design Capacity: 9.9 (l/s)


  • Ground Water
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Drinking Water Quality


April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012

The number shown in this box represents a percentage of all the drinking water quality test results done during the time period indicated that met the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards. Includes test results of health-related standard parameters only; operational testing data (ie, chlorine and turbidity) are not included in final water quality results.



April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012

The Ministry of the Environment has a comprehensive inspection program to ensure that municipal residential drinking water systems operate in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Every municipal residential drinking water system is inspected at least once a year, with one in three inspections unannounced.

The ministry's annual inspection ratings are designed to encourage drinking water systems to strive for continuous improvement and ultimately to meet the ministry's long-term goal of 100 per cent compliance by all systems.


Treatment processes reduce or eliminate the potential for the presence of pathogens (organisms that can cause illness) in drinking water and are used to ensure your drinking water meets provincial standards. Different water sources necessitate different levels and methods of treatment to ensure safe, clean water is provided.

Treatment Listing
Treatment Description
Chlorination The addition of chlorine to raw or filtered water for disinfection purposes or for the purpose of maintaining a consistent level of chlorine in a drinking-water distribution system.

Municipal Drinking Water Quality Reports

The following provides a link to your municipality's most recent annual report showing detailed information on the results of this drinking water system.

Only municipalities with more than 10,000 people are required to make the annual report available on its website. If no web link is provided below, you can contact your municipality using the contact information provided on this page to request a copy of the annual report. Municipalities are required by regulation to make copies of the annual report available to the public without charge.

A link has also been provided to other drinking water reports prepared by the municipality, if these have been made available through their website.

Source Protection

Region: South Georgian Bay - Lake Simcoe Region
Lead Source Protection Authority: Lake Simcoe Region CA
Partner Source Protection Authorities: Nottawasaga Valley CA